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The War Room is a constantly-evolving, comprehensive archive of a great deal of information on Zoids. If you are new to Zoids, get a brief description of these fascinating toys on the primer page. If you already know all about zoids, continue on to the index or search pages to look up information on your favorite zoid design!

We intend to be as comprehensive as possible where Zoids are concerned! We have attempted to include every variation of every Zoid known, including upgrade/accessory kits, special editions and prizes. A handful of verifiable designs planned but never produced are included as well. If there's something that's missing or in error, please drop us a line !

There are certain things we have decided NOT to include. Primarily, these include "non-scale" zoids such as action figures, most custom or third party items such as "garage kits" (although Kotobukiya Zoids ARE included. They're just too cool not to!), zoid-related miscellany such as art statues, books, etc and items without some kind of documentation. If it's not 1/72 or 1/24 scale or you don't have a picture, chances are good it's not going to make it onto the site.

Please bear with us as this site is likely to be in a constant state of revision for quite a while, and it will take a long time to obtain or create all the content we intend to share.

Announcements and Updates

9/27/09: Announcement! The indexes are now complete! You can now check out the listings to see how many zoids there are, sort them all by type, faction or motor size, and most especially get a listing by series and/or serial number.

12/24/09: As a Merry Christmas present, I've made an effort to get all of the A through C pages done! Or at least, filled out with a respectable amount of content. Take a look!

12/25/09: Current page count: 55/249

1/8/10: Sections X-Z done! Current page count: 63/249

1/30/10: Almost halfway through D...current page count: 78/249

2/10/10: Section D done! Current page count: 91/248 Over 1/3 done! Next up: Sections E and F, then U-W. I hope to get through them all in about 4 weeks.